FamiStudio 4.2.0

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  • S5B envelope support (S5B & EPSM)
  • FDS auto-modulation support
  • FDS emulation improvements : Proper filtering, DAC emulation & fixes.
  • Phase reset support
  • Accurate seek support (fully emulate entire song from start, useful for phase resets)
  • Allow disabling attack on notes if all instrument envelopes matches (useful for FM channels)
  • Folders support in Project Explorer
  • More filtering options for audio expansions & ability to store settings in project
  • Support for up to 256 instruments (for both regular and expansion) in sound engine
  • German translation (thanks Arda & VRC6Lover123!)
  • Audio backend improvements: reduced audio latency on all platform, switch to WASAPI on Windows (non-exclusive mode), audio device change detection & improved BT headphones support on MacOS
  • Video export improvements: unified piano roll mode, piano roll 3D effect, option to overlay registers, preview mode
  • Small quality of life improvements: eraser mode, ability to copy samples between instruments, ability to type effect values and project explorer parameters, function to replace specific instruments, logarithmic sliders for effects and parameters with huge values

Breaking/Behavior changes:

  • FDS mod speed/depth effects will be resetted to the instrument values on notes with an attack.
  • FDS emulation now matches the hardware much more closely. Some instruments may now sound very different.
  • S5B/EPSM noise no longer has a "NOP" frequency, noise frequency will be set if it is enabled by the mixer envelope.

System Requirement Changes:

  • Upgraded to .NET 7.0
  • Minimum OpenGL requirement for Desktop lowered to OpenGL 3.0 (was 3.3)


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If this update released a day earlier, that would've been funny as hell.

In my timezone the day was right ;)