FamiStudio 4.2.1 Hotfix

FamiStudio 4.2.1 was just released!

  • Fixed MSI installer pointing to .NET 5.0 instead of 7.0
  • Fixed sound engine settings not being saved in project properties
  • Fixed bass filter setting not being saved in app settings 
  • Fixed VRC6 initialization in sound engine by writing zero to $9003 
  • Fixed issue with vibrato in sound engine that could stall the audio 
  • Fixed the "+" button of DPCM samples in project explorer on mobile 
  • Fixed crash when pasting items between projects when using folders 
  • Fixed GLFW compatibility issues on Linux (Thanks Steo!)
  • Fixed incorrect size of FDS disks
  • Fixed issue with non-looping relative pitch envelope in Sound Engine/NSF/ROM 
  • Fixed issue with volume slides and FamiTracker tempo in Sound Engine/NSF/ROM 
  • Made the video looping more consistent with how the audio loops in the app 
  • Made it clearer that you cannot rename multiple patterns 
  • Optimized VGM import


FamiStudio421-LinuxAMD64.zip 23 MB
57 days ago
FamiStudio421-MacOS.zip 22 MB
57 days ago
FamiStudio421-WinInstaller.zip 23 MB
57 days ago

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