FamiStudio 1.3.0

FamiStudio 1.3.0 was just released. New features!

  • Selection, cut, copy & paste support for piano roll and sequencer
  • FamiTracker instrument file import (thanks @Tgamemaker!)
  • More helpful tooltips
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Also, an updated tutorial is now available, be sure to check it out on Youtube.


FamiStudio130-WinInstaller.zip 1.1 MB
Dec 09, 2019
FamiStudio130-MacOS.zip 2.1 MB
Dec 09, 2019

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please make paywhatyouwant.

Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday. I really appreciate the suggestions, but money is really not a motivation for this project. I really enjoy working on it for some reason!!