FamiStudio 1.4.0

FamiStudio 1.4.0 was just released!

New features:

  • VRC6 audio expansion support
  • Slide notes
  • Vibrato effect
  • Workaround "pops" on square channels (Blargg's smooth vibrato technique)
  • NSF improvements
  • Ability to remove attack on notes
  • Relative pitch envelopes

Breaking/behavior changes:

  • Jumps and skips will now be applied at the END of the frame, as opposed to the beginning. This is how FamiTracker and the rest of the world does it.


FamiStudio140-WinInstaller.zip 1 MB
31 days ago
FamiStudio140-MacOS.zip 2 MB
31 days ago

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