FamiStudio needs Linux testers

FamiStudio is looking for a few serious Linux testers to test a prototype version of FamiStudio. Only 64-bit, real installations (no VMs) for now please. Send email at famistudio@outlook.com.

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any chance of being another tester? I would be extremely happy. Can't wait.^^
-> Fedora users here

Hi! I finally got all the testers I needed. Patience! FamiStudio 2.1.0 (which is going to have a Linux version) is about a week away. :)

Sounds great! Thanks for the quick answer

I’ll help I have WSL + WSL2 windows 10 on laptop, Linux Mint, Debian Linux on server.

Hey hi! Turns out I have all the testers I need. They helped a lot! :) FamiStudio 2.1.0 should contain a Linux version. Release date is unknown at the moment.

That's really exciting! Can't wait :)

I'd like to help out, so I'll send you an e-mail right away.