FamiStudio 2.2.0

Hey guys, FamiStudio 2.2.0 was just released!

  • Recording mode to record note-by-note using MIDI controller or QWERTY keyboard
  • Arpeggio support
  • Official FamiStudio Sound Engine release
  • Follow mode
  • Displaying the piano roll view range in the sequencer
  • FDS disk export
  • Basic tutorials for first time users
  • Error logging when importing/exporting files
  • Wav export loop count
  • Option to disable dragging sounds when a song is playing


FamiStudio220-WinInstaller.zip 2 MB
Sep 07, 2020
FamiStudio220-LinuxAMD64.zip 5 MB
Sep 07, 2020
FamiStudio220-MacOS.zip 3 MB
Sep 07, 2020

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