FamiStudio 2.3.0

FamiStudio 2.3.0 was just released!

  • MP3 export
  • Video export
  • Song merge functionality
  • Duty cycle effect track support (equivalent of Vxx in FamiTracker)
  • Special paste improvements (repeat, effects, etc.)
  • Special delete
  • Copy patterns to different channels in sequencer
  • Option to display note labels in piano roll
  • FamiTracker tempo improvements (delayed notes, cuts, fixes).
  • Added support for Cxx (Halt) FamiTracker effect.
  • Option to export each channel to a seperate WAV/MP3 file.
  • Small DPCM improvements (Drag & drop, bit reverse option)
  • Small tempo improvements
  • Sound engine code size reduction


FamiStudio230-WinInstaller.zip 2 MB
Jan 03, 2021
FamiStudio230-MacOS.zip 3 MB
Jan 03, 2021
FamiStudio231-LinuxAMD64.zip 5 MB
Jan 07, 2021

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