FamiStudio 2.3.2 Hotfix


  • Added loop count to video export.


  • Fixed scaling issues on Retina display.
  • Fixed lingering noise when dragging/adding notes in VRC7.
  • Fixed multiple FamiTracker import (Text + Binary) issues/crashes.
  • Fixed potential desync in NSF/sound engine when using delayed notes.
  • Fixed various issues with expansion instruments UI (sliders/checkboxes for VRC7/FDS/N163).
  • Fixed import of older FamiStudio text files (pre 2.3.0).
  • Fixed NSF/sound engine crash when exporting empty arpeggios.
  • Fixed issue with arpeggios sometimes persisting when a song loops.


FamiStudio232-WinInstaller.zip 2 MB
Jan 18, 2021
FamiStudio232-LinuxAMD64.zip 5 MB
Jan 18, 2021
FamiStudio232-MacOS.zip 3 MB
Jan 18, 2021

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