FamiStudio 2.4.0

FamiStudio 2.4.0 was just released.

Changes :

  • Basic DPCM sample editor
  • Darker theme and more color choices
  • Ability to use QWERTY keyboard input without using recording mode
  • Slightly reduced audio latency and configurable number of buffered frames
  • Right-clicking anywhere in the background also starts a selection
  • Seek bar can be dragged and respects snapping precision
  • Pattern duplication preserves names when possible
  • Instrument picker tool (hold "I" + click on a note)
  • Paste special in Sequencer
  • Pattern are created automatically when adding notes.
  • Quickly repeat last export by right clicking button or CTRL+SHIFT+E
  • Edit multiple custom patterns at once
  • Video export resolution/framerate options (Contributed by Thomas McGrew)
  • Multiple VRC7 fixes
  • Multiple FamiTracker fixes
  • Multiple sound engine improvements & fixes
    • Blaarg smooth vibrato support for SFX
    • Unlimited SFX size (Contributed by Brad Smith)
    • Linker support in CA65 (Based on idea by Brad Smith)

Breaking/behavior changes:

  • Songs will always be sorted alphabetically. This include songs loaded from any file format. This was always the intention but was poorly enforced in previous versions.
  • There was a bug in 2.3.x where instrument with volume envelope consisting exclusively of zeroes would play at full volume. This is no longer the case and the instruments will be silent.


FamiStudio240-WinInstaller.zip 3 MB
Mar 08, 2021
FamiStudio240-MacOS.zip 3 MB
Mar 08, 2021
FamiStudio240-LinuxAMD64.zip 5 MB
Mar 08, 2021

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