FamiStudio 3.1.1 Hotfix

A small hotfix release was just published.

  • Fixed piano roll piano keys not highlighting when exporting video
  • Fixed application stalling when closing on MacOS
  • Fixed "advanced properties" buttons growing when using >100% scaling on Windows
  • Adding failsafe when time signature cannot be computed when exporting MIDI
  • Associating FMS files with FamiStudio on startup in portable mode
  • Experimental support for OpenH264 in video export


FamiStudio311-WinInstaller.zip 3 MB
Aug 16, 2021
FamiStudio311-LinuxAMD64.zip 6 MB
Aug 16, 2021
FamiStudio311-MacOS.zip 4 MB
Aug 16, 2021

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