FamiStudio 3.2.0

FamiStudio 3.2.0 was just released!


  • Android app (free on Play Store)
  • Multi-expansion support
  • Proper emulation of triangle/noise/DPCM volume interactions
  • Significant graphic optimizations, especially on lower-end machines or large projects.
  • Minor quality of life features
  • Minor cosmetic UI changes (icons, envelope editor, coloring piano with DPCM colors, etc.)

Behavior changes:

  • Snapping precision is now expressed in beats. So with the default settings, 1 means a quarter note.
  • Channel volumes have been slightly adjusted to match the NES hardware more closely.


FamiStudio320-WinInstaller.zip 5 MB
Nov 15, 2021
FamiStudio320-LinuxAMD64.zip 6 MB
Nov 15, 2021
FamiStudio320-MacOS.zip 4 MB
Nov 15, 2021

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