FamiStudio 3.3.0

FamiStudio 3.3.0 was just released!


  • EPSM support (Thanks Perkka!)
  • Register viewer (desktop version only)
  • Delta Counter (Zxx) effect support
  • Ability to override initial DMC value for each sample assignment
  • VGM export (Thanks Perkka!)
  • Bamboo Tracker instruments import (desktop version only) (Thanks Perkka!)
  • Minor cosmetic changes (ADSR diagrams, tabs in instrument editor, etc.)
  • CTRL+A selects all patterns/notes in sequencer/piano roll on desktop
  • Additional selection options on mobile (select note/pattern/all)
  • Option not to clamp periods/notes to make the app behave more like the NSF driver
  • Experimental file association on MacOS (Thanks beetrootpaul!)
  • Tons of small bugfixes (N163 tuning, crashes, etc.)


May 08, 2022
FamiStudio330-LinuxAMD64.zip 7 MB
May 08, 2022
FamiStudio330-MacOS.zip 5 MB
May 08, 2022

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Having fun with this, although:

Keep seeing the tutorial, even though it's unticked.

Also getting "an error happening while saving" dialogue box (Windows 10).

Any ideas?