FamiStudio 4.0.0

FamiStudio 4.0.0 was just released!


  • Revamped desktop version :

    • Redesigned controls, more similar to mobile version : Context menus, Gizmos, etc.
    • Based on GLFW using custom drawn widgets, consistent across Win/MacOS/Linux
    • Getting rid of all dependencies to OpenTK, WinForms, GTK# and System.Drawing in preparation to eventual migration to modern .NET.
    • Animated GIFs for intro tutorial
  • More control over sequencer height and ability to hide unused channels on desktop
  • Support to multiple audio expansions with EPSM
  • Support for multiple waveforms for N163
  • Support for single audio expansions for ROM export
    Wave resampling for N163/FDS waveforms, import WAV files and adjust period & offset.
  • Basic NSFe export support, only track names and durations for now.
  • Improved oscilloscope stability:
    • Use of emulation-generated triggers when rendering oscilloscope in exported video or in toolbar when previewing instruments.
    • Improved trigger detection for toolbar oscilloscope when playing a song (using "peak speed trigger" algorithm).
  • Audio delay effect when exporting video or audio.
  • Snapping improvements, most notably:
    • **Alt+1**, **Alt+2**, **Alt+3** and **Alt+4** quickly changes between common snapping values
    • Hold **Alt** anytime when resizing or moving notes to temporarily disable snapping
    • Context menu to set snapping to a specific note duration
    • Option to snap effect values


FamiStudio400-WinInstaller.zip 7 MB
Aug 24, 2022
FamiStudio400-MacOS.zip 6 MB
Aug 24, 2022
FamiStudio400-LinuxAMD64.zip 8 MB
Aug 24, 2022

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whoa this is amazing :) great work!


Awesome, great work

BleuBleu, or "the Unstoppable".

Seriously, man. Great job!