FamiStudio 4.0.5 Hotfix


  • Added option for default pattern name
  • Added option to rewind to the previous position when stopping playback
  • Added warning when user is editing an arpeggio different than the currently selected one
  • Added a proper warning when songs are too big to be exported to NSF, ROM or sound engine
  • Allowed longer pattern on NSF import
  • Fixed crash when using pattern length of 2048 frames
  • Fixed opening of NSF when FamiStudio is set to the default app
  • Fixed glitch that could cause visual overlap of notes in piano roll
  • Fixed notes ending prematurely near the end of songs
  • Fixed crash when exporting to NSF, ROM or sound engine with certain vibrato settings
  • Fixed multiple issues when importing instruments from other projects
  • Fixed issue causing exported NSFe to start at song #2.
  • Fixed crash when MIDI notes are out of range.
  • Fixed rasterization issue in the pattern thumbnails
  • Fixed multiple FamiTracker (FTM/TXT) import/export issues
  • Fixed minor annoyances in the piano roll on mobile
  • Fixed app crashing when using more than 2GB of RAM on Windows
  • Fixed loophole where the FDS envelopes could be cleared/resized
  • Fixed various issues with dropdown list scrollbars
  • Fixed crash when exporting video with lots of channels
  • Fixed releases for VRC7 and EPSM
  • Fixed multiple inconsistencies and improved the register viewer (Thanks alexmush!)

Sound Engine changes/fixes:

  • Fixed inconsistencies with vibrato with the main app
  • Fixed issues with relative pitch envelopes
  • Fixed notes always reapply instruments on EPSM FM Channel 4,5,6 in NSF driver (Thanks Perkka!)
  • Fixed EPSM rhythm occasionally missing beats (Thanks Perkka!)
  • Fixed volume being off by one for EPSM (Thanks Perkka!)

Breaking/Behavior changes:

  • The register viewer will now show the real note pitches and wont necessarily match the notes on the piano roll
  • Vibrato depths of more than 13 cant unfortunately be supported in the sound engine at the moment. A warning will be given instead of producing the wrong result.
  • Releases for VRC7/EPSM instrument will now be handled correctly. That was always the intention, but a bug was preventing them from working


FamiStudio405-WinInstaller.zip 7 MB
Dec 17, 2022
FamiStudio405-MacOS.zip 6 MB
Dec 17, 2022
FamiStudio405-LinuxAMD64.zip 7 MB
Dec 17, 2022

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